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Attorney and foreclosure specialist Bob Diamond has just produced a new foreclosure paperback to let you learn some the tricks of the trade! Bob has personally been involved in over $100,000,000 in real estate transactions as attorney, investor or agent! Truly an expert and powerful investor!

Get your hands on this new paperback and a bonus video series so you can begin to truly specialize your investment knowledge and take it to the next level when you Master Real Estate.

The competition is rich at the auctions, foreclosure sales and certainly using just mail systems! Ignite your investment education with information that will help you capture new leads and huge profits! Leave the competition behind using new information and rich knowledge on how foreclosures really work!

So you have the drive and energy to get ahead in the real investment business? Want to advance your skills to another level?

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Here's what you get in his new paperback:
Super Profits in Real Estate Investing!

An overview of:
Real Estate Basics
Understanding Foreclosure
The Psychology of Distressed Homeowners
Estimating Values
Dealing with sellers and buyers
Creating a Winning Team
Financing Basics
General Investing Advice
And more!

This is the perfect companion guide for anyone committed to Real Estate Investing!
And the perfect gift for anyone you believe should understand the power of real estate!
To sweeten the deal, we've even thrown in a few $100 dollars worth of PC and video training! FREE

Also get and overview of:
Buying Junior Notes and Liens
Properties in Bankruptcy
Understanding Short Sales
Assignment of Notes and Mortgages
Under and Subject To
HUD 1ís
Asset Protection
Quit Claim Deeds
Title Insurance
Emerging Land Developments
And more!

The number of foreclosures is exploding as we speak. As interest rates plummet and real estate values level off, there will be an overwhelming number of opportunities or those equipped and knowledgeable enough to deal with this stream of investing. Now is the time to refine your real estate investing skills and take advantage of your education that is at your finger tips! In just the first 60 minutes youíll begin to understand some of the best-kept secrets in real estate!

Industry secrets to finding houses for 30% to 50% under market value!
The differences in pre-foreclosure processes and the hurdles!
Understand the five ways to purchase in pre-foreclosure!
Tips on existing liens, short sales, straight discounts and discounted liens!
How a perfected part-time real estate system can yield not just another paycheck, but actually earn you a fortune!

This is a powerful series of information you canít miss ~ provided in this introductory paperback and video series! Whether youíre just starting out in the investment industry or simply looking for new and innovative ways to maximize your deals ~ this is a perfect introduction to Bob Diamondís teaching style and content!

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And the perfect gift for anyone you believe should understand the power of real estate!

Bob Diamond - The Attorney and Deal Maker

Real Estate Attorney and Real Estate Developer Bob Diamond has personally been involved in almost $100,000,000.00 in real estate transactions as counsel, advisor, investor or agent.

Inside the investor world, Bob is known as the "guru's guru" and teaches advanced real estate investment techniques including buying discounted liens, notes and judgments, buying out of bankruptcy, short sales, taking under and subject to, straight equity purchases, multi-units and even condo conversions.

Bob will blow your mind with his cutting edge real estate investment techniques he and his clients use to practically eliminate all competition and collect HUGE checks.

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