How I Discovered Tax Sale Overages Business

Hello, I'm Bob Diamond, America's Tax Sale Attorney, and today I want to share the fascinating story of how I stumbled upon the lucrative world of tax sale overages. It's a journey that started with an unexpected client visit and evolved into a passion for helping people reclaim their lost funds.

My Journey Begins With Tax Sale Overages

I've been practicing law as a real estate attorney since 1995, specializing in foreclosure auctions, both tax and mortgage. Over the years, I became intimately familiar with the intricacies of this process and had many clients involved in property development and foreclosure. But little did I know that a chance encounter would lead me down a completely unexpected path.

A Curious Client

One day, a new client walked into my office. He was a small developer who had lost a piece of land at a tax sale. He approached me with a simple question: could I help him regain ownership of his land? Intrigued, I began to investigate.

The Courthouse Visit

I made my way to the courthouse, determined to uncover any technicalities that might help my client. As I sifted through the sale's paperwork, I couldn't find any glaring issues. He had been properly served with documents, had received certified mail notifications, and the financial calculations were spot on. It seemed there was little room for legal maneuvering.

Honest Advice

I called my client back in and laid out the facts. I explained that while I could attempt to help, the chances of success were slim. I never wanted to waste a client's hard-earned money on a futile endeavor. So, I advised against pursuing the case any further.

A Eureka Moment

But then, something remarkable happened. I realized that his property had sold for around $12,000 more than what he owed in taxes. A lightbulb moment struck me—I could potentially recover that surplus for him. He was astounded by the idea, as was I. This was uncharted territory for both of us.

Philadelphia, the Unconventional Start

This entire journey unfolded in the vibrant city of Philadelphia. Armed with this newfound knowledge, I approached the sheriff's office with my proposal. To say they were skeptical would be an understatement. They had never encountered such a request. After multiple visits and convincing discussions, they finally agreed to cut a check for $12,000. The rationale behind it was clear: they didn't need an unexpected windfall; they needed the taxes paid. And just like that, I had made a substantial discovery.

An Unexpected Friendship

A couple of years later, fate introduced me to a remarkable individual named Rick Dawson. Rick was deeply immersed in the world of tax liens and tax deeds. He casually mentioned his involvement in something called “Overages.” I was intrigued.

The Birth of a Business Idea

Rick explained that “Overages” occurred when money remained after taxes and expenses were paid during a tax sale. Former property owners were entitled to this surplus. I realized I had dealt with such cases before, but Rick was turning it into a business.

A New Partnership

Impressed by Rick's approach, I decided to hire him to show me the ropes. That was in 2011. Rick has since gone on to become a lawyer and a real estate investor, but his initial inspiration left an indelible mark on me.

Paying It Forward

I saw the potential to help countless individuals who had lost their properties but were unaware of the funds they were entitled to. So, I started my journey into the tax sale overages business. I began obtaining lists of unclaimed funds, used skip tracing to locate the rightful owners, and reached out to them. When they agreed, I worked tirelessly to recover their money for a percentage.

A Journey of Discovery

My entry into this business was entirely accidental. It took a couple of years to gain a solid footing and learn the nuances of tax sale overages across all 50 states. We encountered setbacks, learned from them, and even had to draft contracts to ensure a seamless process.

Teaching The Overages Business

Eventually, my passion for this business led me to the desire to teach it to others. I believe that helping people reclaim what is rightfully theirs is a noble endeavor.

In conclusion, my journey into the tax sale overages business began with a chance client and an unexpected realization. It's been a remarkable voyage of discovery, helping individuals reclaim lost funds and making a real difference in their lives. I hope this story inspires you to explore unexpected opportunities and follow your passions, just as I did. Join my free training on the tax sale overages business.

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