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Overages is a profitable and fun business. You'll make great money and help people who have lost their home to foreclosure. And we can show you how.

Attorney Bob Diamond

What Are Overages?

When a house is auctioned at tax or mortgage foreclosure sale it often sells for far more than the amount due. The “extra” money over and above the amount due is called “Overages”, “Excess Funds”, “Surplus Funds” or “Overbids”.

Millions of Dollars Available Right Now

At this very moment, there are hundreds of millions of dollars leftover from past foreclosure sales available to be claimed.

Overages is a Great Business

You are helping foreclosed home owners who have lost so much get back many thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars they would otherwise likely never know about. And you are rewarded with a large success fee for helping them. It's a low-cost to start, you can start it as a “side-hustle” and you grow it as large as you want.

We Can Show You How

Bob Diamond is a licensed Attorney and the country’s foremost expert in Overages. You may have seen Bob on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, or TLC’s popular reality television show, “Flip That House.” Bob is widely known and admired for his deep knowledge in Overages and his ability to show people who want to get into the Overages business how they can do it too.

Yes as long as you are determined and put in the effort. We have successful students from many backgrounds. What ties them together is they are all determined and take relentless action.

“Overages” are monies leftover when a property sells at a mortgage foreclosure or real estate tax foreclosure auction for more than the amount of debt due. This is a common situation. Often there are tens of thousands of dollars leftover, sometimes even hundreds of thousands of dollars!

Tax Sales are when the government sells someone's house at a public auction because that person failed to pay their real estate taxes.

Millions $ Added Every Day!

Every day approximately 3,000 properties are sold at tax sales alone. In addition, there are at least 50,000 homes sold at mortgage foreclosure every month. According to JP Morgan Chase, tax sales generate a little over $14 million dollars per day. Several million of those dollars are “Overages” available for you to claim. We have not been able to find a statistic on mortgage foreclosure sale amounts but given high home values mortgage foreclosures definitely add millions more to the pie each month.

Why Don't They Get The Money Themselves?

Foreclosed homeowners simply don't know there is any money to claim. They must apply to get the money. And they can't apply for money they don't know about. So most of the time the money is never claimed by the former owner. Instead the government gets to keep it.

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You Get Paid Handsomely for Helping Former Owners!

Overages range from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You pick the size of the deals you want to work on. And you get a percentage of the money you help recover. Our average deal size is a little over $52,000 and we charge 40%. So we earn a little more than $20,000 per deal.

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We Can Teach You The Overages Business

We have been in Overages for over a decade and know the business inside-out. We show you all the steps.

  • How to get the list of Overages/ Excess Funds/ Surplus Funds/ Overbids being held.
  • How to get the contact info for the former owner.
  • Exactly what to say to the former owner, so they are excited to work with you.
  • Attorney-prepared agreements to lock down the deal.
  • How to claim the money.

Why Learn Overages From Attorney Bob Diamond?

Bob is the undisputed leader and expert in Overages. He has been a licensed attorney since 1995, and in the Overages business since 2013. He owns and operates what is probably the country's largest Overages business. With Bob you are learning from someone who knows both the business and the legal. So you know you'll be doing it “right” and it will work.

A Business Where You Help People and Make Great Money

In the Overages business you help foreclosed homeowners get back money they don't know about but desperately need. And you make great money for yourself and your family. We call it “doing well while doing good”.

What People Are Saying

Here are just a few of our successful students who learned from us. They are now are successful Overages Business Owners. Making money and helping foreclosed former homeowners get restarted in life..