Who is Attorney Bob Diamond?

Bob Diamond is a licensed Attorney and the country’s foremost expert in Overages (also known as “Excess Funds”, “Overbids” or “Surplus Funds”).

Bob may be familiar from his appearances on Bob on FOX, NBC, CNBC, NPR, or TLC’s popular reality television show, “Flip That House.”

Bob is an attorney (since 1995) and owns a large Overages recovery business. The combination of attorney and owner of an Overages business makes him the ideal person to learn Overages from.

Because learning from  a successful Overages business owner and you'll know you are getting actionable, practical information. And learning from an attorney and you will know you are “doing it right”. 

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Bob Diamond's Mission

  • Help entrepreneurs to have a profitable Overages business

  • Help more foreclosed homeowners get back money they never knew existed but desperately need to get restarted in life

  • Stop the Government from taking money that should go to foreclosed homeowners.

How to Learn More

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